Friday, October 4, 2013

It's Time to Sail Away

The M.S. Volendam
The Long Beach Terminal was only a 15-minute taxi ride away, and as promised, The M.S. Volendam was berthed right next to the Queen Mary. 

Ship Terminal and former home of The Spruce Goose

We were amazed to discover that the Long Beach Terminal is inside the domed structure that used to hold Howard Hughes’ experimental plane, “The Spruce Goose.”  The “Goose” was so big and heavy (it was actually made of spruce) that it only stayed in the air for a few seconds, but at the time, it was the largest plane ever built.  Frank had seen The Spruce Goose back in 1988 and was intrigued to see how the big dome was being reused.

Anne on the gangway of the Volendam

We had a fast and easy boarding and loved the views of Long Beach, the domed terminal building, and the Queen Mary. 


Inside of room 3380, our stateroom

Our stateroom is surprisingly spacious with lots of closets and storage.  Hard to believe this will be our home for the next 3 weeks.

Frank proudly holding his stowaway booze

Frank was so happy that the “bootleg” scotch and wine that he hid in his suitcase made it safely onto the ship.  Booze is very expensive onboard, but now we have our own private stash!

Anne dances her way across the open spaces on the Bow
We are located on Deck 3, The Lower Promenade giving us immediate access to the walking track right outside our window.  We also discovered a wonderful, “secret” viewing spot at the very front of our deck. Situated right below the Bridge, this empty bow area was the perfect, peaceful spot to watch our first sunset.


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