Thursday, November 7, 2013

Seas the Day

Onboard the ship, there were many days spent at sea, and not in glamorous ports; we were just cruising the Pacific Ocean with water on all horizons.  We kept busy taking advantage of practically every form of entertainment  this cruise ship had to offer.  There were physical activities, lectures to attend, shows in the auditorium with quality musicians and actors, games and contests, and so on.  Here are just a few of the activities we enjoyed:

Sports Challenges

Franks' winning golfing form!
The ship offered many different sporting contests daily throughout the cruise.  Here is Frank lobbing a golf ball across the swimming pool.  The goal was to hit a dolphin sculpture at the other end, not an easy thing to do.  But he did it -- and he won a free drink too!

(Below right) Frank also scored in the top three for the "Moving Hoops" competition (throwing a rubber ball through a hoop that was moving back and forth). 

                 Frank drinks his winnings!!

Frank drinks his winnings!!

Pitching balls for the win

Dance Lessons

Hula Classes were held on the Lido Deck,
out by the Ship's Pool

This was Anne's chance to shine when she joined the Hula Dance Class.  She actually ended up on the main auditorium stage when the whole class got to strut their stuff at a special performance called the "Aloha Hawaii Concert!"

The Fine Arts
Our favorite ship art: a bas-relief of
Bacchus, the god of wine

We attended a number of events hosted by the ship's Art Director -- believe it or not, selling art onboard is big business.  We didn't buy a thing, but we loved particpating in an art scavenger hunt and playing Art Jeopardy (no win, but we came in 2nd on that one!).

Galley Tour

Chef preps daily meals in the Galley
We often take a tour of the galley on the ships we cruise; it helps us better appreciate how in the world the cooks feed over a 1000 hungry passengers every day.  During an average week, a staff of 67 people create meals using 12,500 lbs. of meat, 12,000 lbs. of fresh vegetables, and 40,000 eggs! 

Anne meets the head chef


Henry Kaleialoha Allen is passionate
about his steel guitar
We had a top notch steel guitar player from Hawaii onboard the Volendam, and we saw him play often.  In fact, Henry Kaleialoha Allen is apparently a musical guru around Hawaii, known for his love of this instrument and his unique ability to teach and play the steel guitar. 

Seems the steel guitar was actually invented in Hawaii, but virtually nobody in Hawaii plays it.  Henry on the other hand, tries to instill his own love of this music by teaching young people how to play Hawaii's one and only claim to fame instrument in the musical world, the steel guitar.  But Henry too laments the indifference of his own people and the consequential and eventual extinction of steel guitar music and players in his homeland. 

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